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Black Soul Tattoo

We are a team of professional tattoo artists here to help you get the perfect creative custom tattoo which is uniquely designed based on your ideas, values and beliefs. We strive to become a trusted brand and give best services.

  • Comfortable and relaxing environment

  • Experienced artist input on your tattoo

  • Top of the line cleaning and safety protocols

  • Full aftercare instructions for a well-healed tattoo

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Do you find the process of getting a tattoo intimidating? Finding a great tattoo design at the best price could be chaotic and tiring. Let us take care of everything.

  • We're professional and certified tattoo

  • We care about our customers satisfaction

1. Free Consultation

Email us or come into the shop to discuss your tattoo. Bring your ideas, and we'll guide you on how to make it a tattoo you'll love.

2. Book An Appointment

Once you’ve decided what you want, we will give you a quote so you can book the date for your tattoo and pay your deposit.

3. Get Your Tattoo

When you arrive at the shop, your artist will have your design prepared. Now you settle in and enjoy getting your new tattoo.

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You can fill this form or call us at the number mentioned below to book an appointment with us.


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Tribal Tattoo

They have been around since the beginning of tattoos, with each culture offering their own unique style.


Color Tattoo

color tattoo style has gained a lot of popularity recently, this makes sense with more and more women getting tattoos. Color tattoos are very delicate and beautiful looking. With minimal to no outline the colors flow over the skin.


Sketch In Tattoo

Another tattoo style the has been more popular is Sketch Style Tattoos. Sketch tattoo are usually black like a pencil. But, they can also be done in color like a colored pencil. The Sketch Tattoo Style is a great tattoo style choice for almost any tattoo subject, and gives a not too clean, very authentic look to any type of tattoo.


Portrait Tattoo

Portrait tattoos can be of famous people or just someone you love. They are very realistic looking and take a highly skilled tattoo artist to create. Portrait tattoos can be done in color or black and grey, and can range from simple to very complex. A well done portrait tattoo is always a great choice for a tattoo style.

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